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With over 30 years of professional design and marketing experience, our owner William J Lees III has serviced clients in almost every industry since 1991. 

Our Internet Marketing Division Started in 1999

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In 1999, our marketing firm had two website design clients (Phil Wood – John R Wood Properties and Todd Kendal – Premier Properties) asking us to do something that shocked our entire staff. They asked for us to get their websites to the top of search engines. At the time, our companies mission was to create pretty websites and call it a day. Our real estate clients were the two largest firms in Naples and they both knew that some day everyone will be using the web and online marketing, making it a game changer.

Our advertising agency started learning about SEO and going to strategy conferences to get an edge on the technology. We leaned and we became very good at the process of building variables in a website for a search engine to find our clients sites better than the competition. As a marketing firm, we all realized the power of online branding.

After six years of developing and perfecting a proprietary technique for Internet marketing, our agency then started to see competition showing up at our doorstep. Now, 20 years later, the completion is nothing short of ridiculous. William sat in a meeting from Dex Media and was disgusted at what they had to say. The industry that he pioneered is now being demeaned by less than ethical corporations targeting vulnerable companies just to be taken advantage of.

Our company does our best to educate as many companies as possible to be careful.

William is truly a pioneer in the industry. He was invited into Google’s focus group in 2000 at a Chicago’s strategies conference. He has attended Search Engine Strategies conferences since 1999 and was one of the first SEO’s to have a booth at the National Board of Realtors conference in 1999.

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